High Frequency coaching

The frequency of the earth is changing constantly and we have to adjust. The new paradigma needs completly new tools, no duality any more, but transformation and integration of energies in order to create oneness. My Name is Cornelia, I m from Germany, most of my time I spend on Ibiza the beautiful island of the goddess Tanit, to whom I feel a close connection.


Tanit stands for Femininity, Sexuality, Fertility, Motherhood, with children being a special concern. 


Since 1987 I have been on my own spiritual path,
triggered by a profound near-death experience.

After that I wanted nothing more than to share this experience with people, to accompany them and lead them to their freedom. First it was working with the physical body and passing on the 5 Elements, then working on a higher frequency. Today I work through the pure Christ Consciousness. I am a teacher and coach and would be happy to accompany you on your very own path to conscious freedom, growth and personal responsibility. Einstein said “Everything is energy” and you will be amazed at what can be set in motion as a result. How about if contact with me changed your whole world….that’s what I’ve decided to do, try it out…

Why should you work with me?

You have worked with quite a few techniques but nothing has worked so far.

You want to be happy, but something is holding you back, again and again.

You have ailments, or are in any stuck situation.

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My programs:

Embody Your Soul

Once your soul is fully embodied here on the planet, you can live your own soul mission.

SOUL EMBODIMENT® 3 Code Transmissions

Integration of soul aspects.

Aspects may have been lost. They can be reclaimed, aspects that you have taken on and do not belong to you, from ancestors, ex-partners, etc., can be released.

Mental Heart Fusion

This connects your mind with your heart, allowing you to engage in feeling, the tool of the new paradigm of the New Earth.


Here, your soul aspects are firmly anchored with the Earth and yourself. You begin a great love affair with yourself.

Adults € 369,-
Kids (<12yr) € 200,-

Free Your Soul and Spine

With this frequency treatment your body returns to divine order and connects with Mother Earth and the Solar Logos. Your spine is like an antenna through which divine energy flows. If you are reconnected energy flows and you feel lightness again. Through various situations and rituals, we may have become disconnected from the divine. This often manifests as pain. This can be alleviated by the


Energetic Spine Alignment

single € 150 in a group € 100

Follow-up treatment € 50 within a week

Dogs € 100.- Follow-up treatment € 30.-


€ 150,-


Clear your energy field and leave old patterns behind. You may have carried old karmic burdens from past lives into this one. Throughout your life, these burdens may have accumulated even more. Where do the underlying factors lie that prevent you from living your true, full potential and a happy life?

24h Clearing with one subject €200,-

in a group €100,–

Strengthen your immune system and remove and integrate toxins triggered by pharmaceutical products, etc. €200,-


Adults € 200-
Kids (<12yr) € 100,-


The Crash Clearing® with Grace Integrity  is the most intense and profound clearing. It dives into the deepest depths of your being and is worth its price. It should be applied to individuals, complex situations, and buildings with toxic burdens, as well as cases involving black magic.

Feel which clearing resonates with you; this Crash Clearing takes effect immediately.

Crash Clearing® Adults €1000,—

It may vary for buildungs, offices, depending on size.


€ 1000,--


During this healing, you will be streamed with the Grace Integrity® frequency for 24 hours. Healing is always beneficial after a clearing, even to stop resisting things we are in opposition to. Become one with yourself and the world; there’s no point in struggling, that’s in the past and is 3D, creating only separation.

You can also book this healing for multiple days;  I recommend 3 days to feel a significant change or if you have an important task to fulfill during these days. 

Healing per day €100

You can also book this healing as Divine Love God Code Healing, it costs €300 per day.


Devine Love God Codes ®

A frequency light code transmission, I would almost say, not from this world. Welcome from 3D, through 4D into 5D, the new paradigm of this New Earth.

Your third eye will be opened, your telepathic abilities enhanced, your rejuvenation initiated, and things will materialize in your life.

The 3 light codes will be transmitted remotely, which are also individually bookable.

3 Grace Integrity® lightcodes 2.331


Animals - Situations - Buildings

Animals can also show symptoms and develop illnesses or tumors. I love working with them, always through remote transmission.

A healing session costs €100,-.

If there’s a difficult, tangled situation in your life, whether in family, work, or with friends, I’m happy to help with untangling.

€200 – €500

To de-stress buildings or free them from toxic energies, I offer assistance depending on size €1000,-.

Toxic burdens on your body due to medication €200.


Free Your Soul Training

Here, you’ll learn to transform energies and everything you go into resistance to transform and integrate. When you regularly apply this tool, your life becomes easier and happier.

1:1 Individual Training €150

3 Trainings €300

1 month in the group on Facebook or Zoom, each session lasting 30 minutes,                                        8 times per month. €199

Start at the beginning of each month.

Of course, you can also book 1:1 coaching with me for 1-3 months. During this time, you’ll be accompanied with all the tools available to me, and have a weekly live call.

1 month €3k, 2 months €4k, 3 month €5k.


What my clients say

Cornelia has already supported me with many topics and problems and helped me promptly and spontaneously from afar in emergencies. One of my most impressive experiences was when I had extreme back pain, which disappeared within a very short time after treatment from her. She has also been a great help to me with my children. In addition to her high level of competence and her enormous knowledge, I particularly appreciate her honesty and her ability to look at things neutrally and without judgment.
Alexandra Scheel
Truly thankful for her incredible help, I thank Cornelia from my deepest heart. Using her sensitive and unique way she traces negative energies which are a burden and eliminates them. Instantly after her treatment you feel light and see clear. May it be on physical, emotional or spiritual levels or only daily issues...Cornelia enables you to live a way easier and lighter life through her great knowledge using different effective methods. Wishing her all the best for her important work from my heart.
I thank all my spiritual teachers who supported me on my path. 
As Master of Grace Integrity®Master of Grace New Paradigma® Therapeut of Power Spine Straightening ®and Crash Clearer®  I feel up to the challenges which may come.
If you want to become member of a gratitude group on what’s app, press here,  Cornelia