High Frequency coaching

My Name is Cornelia, I m from Germany, most of my time I spend on Ibiza the beautiful island of the goddess Tanit, to whom I feel a close connection.


Tanit stands for Femininity, Sexuality, Fertility, Motherhood, with children being a special concern. 


Since 1987 I have been on my own spiritual path,
triggered by a profound near-death experience.

After that I wanted nothing more than to share this experience with people, to accompany them and lead them to their freedom. First it was working with the physical body and passing on the 5 Elements, then working on a higher frequency. Today I work through the pure Christ Consciousness. I am a teacher and coach and would be happy to accompany you on your very own path to conscious freedom and personal responsibility. Einstein said “Everything is energy” and you will be amazed at what can be set in motion as a result. How about if contact with me changed your whole world….that’s what I’ve decided to do, try it out…

Why should you work with me?

You have worked with quite a few techniques but nothing has worked so far.

You want to be happy, but something is holding you back, again and again.

You have ailments, or are in any stuck situation.

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My programs:

Embody Your Soul

As soon as the soul is embodied here on this planet, one’s own soul mission can be lived.


Integration of Soulparts. 

Parts may have gone lost. Get them back and you can start with full potential. 

Mental Heart Fusion Learn to connect  your mind with your heart and to get into feeling. 

Manifestation Here you learn to manifest your soul desires. 


Adults € 369,-
Kids (<12yr) € 200,-

Free Your Soul

Reconnect with the Divine Order,  the Solar Logos. Through various circumstances we were separated. Irregularities are compensated by the 


I recommend carrying out a Soul Embodiment first. Recommended in cases of urgency. 

Follow-up treatment € 100 within a week

Dogs € 100.- Follow-up treatment € 30.- 

Horses € 200,- Follow-up treatment € 50,-


€ 500

Clear your Soul

Clear your deepest energy field and leave old patterns behind. Old karmic burdens can already be in your energy field before you are born. In the course of your lifetime they may have become even more. Where are the profound topics, preventing you from living your full potential and a happy life?

I recommend a Crash Clearing for people and buildings with toxic burdens, occupations with entities and black magic.€1000,-


Clearing daily tools

You will learn to transform yourself and everything around you. By using this tool daily, you will balance yourself and gain unlimited energy. You will notice the change as you learn to use the transformed energy for your new goals while creating your great life with ease. 

Can also be offered in groups. 

€ 150,-
Groups € 100,-

What my clients say

Cornelia has already supported me with many topics and problems and helped me promptly and spontaneously from afar in emergencies. One of my most impressive experiences was when I had extreme back pain, which disappeared within a very short time after treatment from her. She has also been a great help to me with my children. In addition to her high level of competence and her enormous knowledge, I particularly appreciate her honesty and her ability to look at things neutrally and without judgment.
Alexandra Scheel
Truly thankful for her incredible help, I thank Cornelia from my deepest heart. Using her sensitive and unique way she traces negative energies which are a burden and eliminates them. Instantly after her treatment you feel light and see clear. May it be on physical, emotional or spiritual levels or only daily issues...Cornelia enables you to live a way easier and lighter life through her great knowledge using different effective methods. Wishing her all the best for her important work from my heart.
I thank all my spiritual teachers who supported me on my path. Especially Patricia Saint Clair I m working since 2023.
As Master of Grace Integrity®Master of Grace New Paradigma® Therapeut of Power Spine Straightening ®and Crash Clearer®  I feel up to the challenges which may come.
If you want to become member of a gratitude group on what’s app, press here,  Cornelia